We’re here to answer all of your questions

Who are AgilityConnect Members?

AgilityConnect members are your co-workers, neighbors, friends, and family - anyone with access to a network of pros looking to connect people to awesome roles while being compensated for it is an ideal member! In a position where it would be a conflict of interest and can’t receive money for your referrals? Don’t worry, we can donate the reward on your behalf to one of the many charities AgilityConnect works with or one of your choice.

Why should I become an AgilityConnect Member?

AgilityConnect members can make referrals on their own schedule! It’s quick, easy and hassle free. Best of all you get to help members of your network locate great jobs in addition to supplementing your existing income!

Where can I find the job postings?

After you register for an account, you can view and sort our available jobs and make referrals in just a few clicks.

How do members get paid?

After your referral is hired by one of AgilityConnect's trusted partners you will receive an email notification and be prompted to fill out an additional form allowing payment to be disbursed in a method of your choice.

When do members get paid?

Members are paid 60 days after their referral’s first day on the job. No questions asked.

What if I just want to connect others to jobs and not be paid?

Don’t want to receive money for your referrals? Don’t worry, we can donate the reward on your behalf to one of the many charities AgilityConnect works with or one of your choice! Our favorite is I.C. Stars, a local non-profit developing IT talent in inner-cities.

Do I need any other skills to become a member?

Not at all, just use your network and spread the word about our roles. If someone applies to your unique link, you’ll be credited with the referral!

Is this a conflict with my current job?

AgilityConnect relies on you to review all employment agreements to ensure you are compliant with them. If you are unsure, please consult your own legal counsel.

How do I find candidates if I become a member of AgilityConnect?

Tap into your own personal, professional, and community networks to find candidates.

Do I have to screen the candidates I submit?

Absolutely! The goal of AgilityConnect is to connect a great candidate with a job opportunity that interests them. You know best their interests and how the job is a match for them. Don’t worry! We’ll handle the heavy lifting of communication, coordination, and scheduling once you connect us to your screened candidate.

Will I be paid if my candidate is hired for a different job?

Yes! You are attributed as the source of your screened candidate for 6 months in AgilityConnect’s system. If we find another job that is a good fit for your candidate, we will reach out to you at that time.

How do I submit a candidate for a job?

Once logged in to your account, you can go to the Jobs section, browse all jobs from our web site, and click on a job to refer a candidate. From there simply input the referrals contact information and resume, if handy, or send the unique link to his/her email, cell or social media account.

Can I submit multiple candidates for a job?

Sure! If multiple candidates in your network are qualified and interested, please submit them. We are regularly getting job orders from clients with multiple openings.

How will I know if my candidate is hired?

There are a couple of ways that we keep you updated on your candidates:

1. Whenever something happens related to your candidates, you’ll receive a Daily Recap email highlighting the job and action. You can click the links in the email to quickly access information at agilityconnect.io

2. Once logged in to your account at agilityconnect.io, you can go to the Candidates section to see all candidates you’ve submitted. Each candidate’s title will include their current status in the jobs they are being considered for.

3. AgilityConnects Talent Executive assigned to your candidate’s job will notify you when your candidate is hired. Let the celebration begin!

Can I refer myself for a job?

Absolutely, and you can consider the referral award a sign-on bonus!

How do I connect my social network?

Simply Login with the social network account of your choice! Github, Facebook and Linkedin are all accepted.

What happens if someone is referred by multiple people?

If more than one person refers the same candidate, the first person to make the referral will be given credit for the referral.